Sizing Chart

Buying new shoes for your little one is fun & exciting!  At Ultimate Gear Shop, we understand that you want your baby to look as cute as possible & we also understand that you want your purchase to fit!  We are providing measuring instructions and a sizing chart to help assure that your purchase properly fits your baby. 

Age Recommendations
Please note that the age recommendations are just that, a recommendation.  Babies grow at different rates and may not fall within the suggested age range.  Therefore, it is important to follow the sizing guides. The age listed is a rough estimate of the appropriate size the average baby will wear at that age. Your baby's feet may be larger or smaller than indicated for his age.

Measure your baby's foot from heel to toe. You may find it easier to trace his or her foot on a sheet of paper and measure the tracing. It is difficult to keep a baby's foot still long enough to measure it.  Enlist the help of a partner if your little one has the tendency to wiggle.  Once the foot is traced, measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the big toe. For a more accurate number, we recommend that you measure in centimeters. Once you have your number, we recommend that you add .5 cm to 1 cm to your baby's foot length to ensure a proper fit and enough room for comfort and future growth.

When you have taken your measurement you will need to decide which size shoe to choose.

Shoe Fitting Guide

Below is a chart of the Recommended Age, Length of the shoe outsole (approx.) and Width. (approx.)  The most important number to consider is the shoe outsole length. Width sizes are typically not an issue.  


Recommend Age

Outsole Length

Sole Width


0-6 Months




6-12 Months




12-18 Months




After measuring your little one's foot and adding the recommended .5 cm -1 cm, you will then decide which shoe size to choose.  Follow the above sizing chart to determine a proper shoe fit.  You may use the recommended age as a consideration, but size of the foot will ensure a proper fit.   


You have measured your baby's foot and you have the length 11.5cm.  You have checked the shoe sizing guide and can see that this is just over the 0-6 month measurement. You may need to take into consideration the fact that your child may be wearing socks or that his or her feet will spread out when she stands up, so the correct size to go for is 6-12 months.

If in doubt about which size to go for, it is usually best to go up to the next size.